If the answer is a resounding yes, know that you are not alone. An estimated 1 in 11 households in the US is forced to rent an additional storage space to store their things because they do not have enough room in their living spaces! 

The things we possess do not always make our lives easier. On the contrary, they make life more difficult. When we have too many things, the resulting clutter not only makes it harder to find what we need when we need it, it is also unappealing to look at and that saps our energy. It causes stagnation in our homes by obstructing the flow of energy. 

If decluttering is so important for creating positive energy in our homes, why doesn’t everyone just roll up their sleeves and do it? Because it is often not easy to find the time and energy. This is how I can help you. I can motivate you and support you during the process. We can work together to choose the items that bring you joy and find homes for those you no longer need. I offer decluttering as either a stand-alone service or as an additional service with a feng shui consultation.